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I'm abhishek.

I am passionate about solving meaningful problems, pursuing social impact-driven tech initiatives, and learning about products that solves user problems

First Principle Thinking

Learn by Doing 


I’m a Senior Implementation Analyst based in India. I have worked on projects implementation for fortune 500 companies across various domains.

Extra Projects-Find my outcomes


Project-Market Research Platform

The idea for the product was conceptualised when working as an analyst I along with my teammate saw the lack of order and structure in the amount of information related to the business side of the Technology Market. We then went on to build a team to work it out.

About the product- It exists to solve the problem of unorganised data about business side of the Technology market, which is scattered across the web but should be made available in one robust database to help businesses and founders grow. Since the inception, we have been able to build a close-knit followers on Linkedin with 250+ followers and 500+ on FB. Do check out the linked in page of MarketsVerge. Click here.

Since the inception , we have got to featured on Indie hackers's platform.Click here to view

To view the webiste designs.Click here to view

The whole product roadmap and the developments, I will be sharing it through a detailed blog post later. But if you want to discuss over it,feel free to contact me over linkedin.

Built MVP project plan to launch a pilot rollout of tabletop menu tablets at two restaurant locations for Sauce & Spoon. You can check out the project charter by clicking on the project name on the left.

On-Demand Services platform-ANYKAAM.ONLINE

Product Motto-:Making on-demand service easy for you in your city, We help you with all your day to day needs jobs so that you can focus on other important things in your life .

Take us as a lovechild of UrbanCompany and JustDial. 

Online Lawyer Consultation Project

On phone Instant Legal consultation from top Lawyers.This platform helps you to connect to the lawyers for any sort of consultation.Currently planned for 3 cities and trying to make it active in my hometown first

In progress- Platform to help you order plants and make gardening interesting

This idea is still in progress and currently working on PRD under Insurjo Program by The Product Folks-Will update soon.The idea is to make plant buying effortless and rewarding.Its should be as simple as buying a